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What Do I really Need To Know About Proofing Yeast Donuts And Considerations Before Purchasing A Proof Box.

First and foremost – yeast donuts LOVE humidity. Without enough humidity in the donut proofer the donuts will form a hard shell as to suggest the yeast donut rings will become leathery before being fried also dry in taste when fried. I set my proof box at 85-90% humidity and 35-40% heat.

If the rings become a tad moist simply let them set in the open air 5 minutes before fry and this will prevent blistering or cracking. Rarely ever does a problem arise with yeast donuts during the proofing stage. Just make the end product after mixing produces a warm yeast donut dough.

When considering purchasing a proof box, the most important fact to consider is? If you have purchased or plan on purchasing a larger fryer with 23×23 frying screens, make sure the frying screens fit the proof box. Most proof boxes accommodate 18×16 frying screens – so just double check the ID of the proof box prior to purchasing a new or used unit.

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