First time customers receive my commercial cake donut training series when you order over $200. Learn scratch cake donut making by an expert.

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Listed below are many donut fryers to choose from. This is where I can really save you some money.

Many people believe it’s best to purchase a new donut fryer to avoid equipment failure. Not true!

The Belshaw donut fryers are made to last years of heavy daily use. I have work with units as old as 20 years with no issues. If you do have a technical issue with a fryer it typically is a $120 thermo-coupling but that is very rare. When you put gas to the fryer it will fire. The same stands true for electric donut fryers.

If you need advice on purchasing a donut fryer vs a donut machine you should contact me. If you are not familiar with speed frying methods utilizing upright donut fryers, please contact me. Its a huge advantage over donut robots.

I have found many, many donut fryers for clients with complete Belshaw cake donut depositor for under $4200. That’s a huge savings ($9500).

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