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Cake Donut Depositors

I have always been a fan of the type B Belshaw cake donut depositor. A robust and well-designed piece of machinery. I recommend purchasing a 1 7/8 or 2” cylinder sleeve and then purchase a star donut plunger (Depositor).

If you offer an oversized cake donut you will separate your cake donut line from Safeway cake donuts that are small. If you offer a gourmet sized cake donut – you then can receive a gourmet price.

I do not recommend the type F cake donut depositor if you are making the cake donuts by scratch. The type F deposits cake donut very fast expelling the leavening action in made-by-scratch cake donuts. This makes for flat cake donuts. The type F is ideal for donut premixes, donut holes and hush puppies that only utilize water and not fresh butter and dairy which requires peak leavening action to produce quality made-by-scratch cake donuts.

Cake donut Depositors for Raised, Cake donut production.