First time customers receive my commercial cake donut training series when you order over $200. Learn scratch cake donut making by an expert.

Our experienced hands-on doughnut training and donut business consulting are specialized for your company. You can now enter the donut business with confidence.

I will personally be there for you on your journey to enter the donut business. We offer turnkey donut business solution second to none.
Lester Chastain
Donut Expert maker

Go from donut zero experience to donut HERO


Preplanning The Grand Opening

The initial step-by-step comprehensive consultation needed to get the structure and integrity of the business ready to launch.

Hands-on Donut Training

Expert 12 day scratch donut training customized to your business model.

  • Equipment setup, calibration and training
  • Advanced donut training & Custom Donut Line Creation
  • Copper kettle training needed to make authentic donut filling’s, toppings and French donuts
  • Custom flour/ingredient/inclusion blending to make In-house donut premixes needed for private labeling and protection of master recipes
  • Implementing complete yeast, cake French donuts and Specify donut lines
  • Complementary training includes espresso drink training, breakfast sandwiches and pasties for the non-donut people – everything is covered.

These logos represent donut business and franchises opened through my consultation services

Expert Donut Business Consultation & Training

At A Glance:

At your site, I can provide you or your staff individualized training. We’ll build a stunning doughnut line based on classic, one-of-a-kind, and lost-in-time doughnuts. A doughnut line that will set your doughnut shop apart from the competition.

The 12-day onsite doughnut training covers all aspects of donut production needed to implement professional donut lines. The training includes of scratch-made yeast, cake, and French cruller doughnuts.

The program also includes advanced copper kettle instruction required to produce real French doughnuts from scratch.

The copper kettle training is essential to prepare donut fillings and creme’s such as raspberry filling, blueberry filling, Bavarian creme filling, mocha Bavarian cream filling, lemon filling, specialty fillings based on the donut line. You can make the best donut in the world however you need superior donut fillings to complement the donut line.

Complete made by scratch donut glaze and icing and drizzle procedures are also covered in the training, such as vanilla donut glaze, classic donut glaze, flavored glazes with and without fruit, caramel glaze and specialized glazes, and/or anything else you may need.

All recipes, calculations and formulas will be provided at the end-of the training session.


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Lester Chastain