First time customers receive my commercial cake donut training series when you order over $200. Learn scratch cake donut making by an expert.

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Hi, I’m Lester Chastain and I offer an alternative to purchasing insanely priced donut and related bakery equipment for sale.

Instead, we offer a specialized research service to find the best deals on equipment. We then refer those deals directly to you – saving you a small fortune!

I will personally research, find and refer to you donut and related bakery equipment for sale  derived from 29 related websites. 
You receive rock bottom prices because we are cutting out the middlemen.
I will research individual pieces of equipment or complete donut equipment packages tailored to your specific business model.
With 3 decades in the donut industry, I am fully aware of the equipment you require and do not require. This will save you money!
When starting a new donut business 98% of the equipment can be acquired used… saving you a fortune.

How we can help you

Friends, when I am seeking donut equipment for my clients. I use both manual searches and a program that automatically searches 29 websites specifically for any item I am seeking. Folks, this allows me to deliver the BEST price on the internet for new and used equipment’s. 


While my program scraps craiglist and capture’s you the best deals on the internet. Remember this is only 1 of 29 websites the program discovers donut equipment on.

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Search through our website and find the specific equipment or package you want researched.


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You will receive confirmation of your order.
Research process begins immediately.

Product delivered

The product will be delivered within 1 - 24 business days depending on the complexity of research needed to find said equipment(s).

In the rare event I cannot find the equipment within 24 business days.
I will promptly refund 100% of your money!!!


We Find Donut Equipment !

Donutequipmentsales has implemented donut production systems all around the US. Talk with us about how to get your Donut store buzzing with the products you need. We offer Donut business consultation and hands on donut training provided by the most experienced independent consultant in the industry. 

The Donut Know Zone

Finding phenomenal donut equipment deals is like the planting a tree – the sooner you start researching equipment for sale the more money you will save. You do not want to be seeking equipment a week before opening a new donut business. 

 We can help you find the best deals on the internet… 


You have one shot in this business, fact! Make the most of it and hire an expert donut business consultant and take the local donut market by storm!

You can offer the best donut in the world however you need superior donut fillings to complement the donut or it’s just another donut. 

I offer complete copper kettle training to make all donut, fillings, icings, toppings and French Donuts by scratch utilizing the copper kettle

There Is No Discounted Equipment

Discover a better alternative to insanely priced donut equipment.  Capturing the best deals on the internet is What We Do!

DonutEquipmentSales offers you the perfect equipment to start your bakery at a fraction of the cost!