First time customers receive my commercial cake donut training series when you order over $200. Learn scratch cake donut making by an expert.

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Hi, I’m Lester Chastain and I offer an alternative
to purchasing insanely priced donut equipment for sale.

Instead, we offer a specialized research service to find the best deals on equipment. We then refer those deals directly to you – saving you a small fortune!

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Who I am


What I do


Why I built this website

Who is

My name is Lester Chastain – Donut business consultant & Tradesman

I am a master donut maker and consultant. I started to NOT sell you donut equipment but instead help you research donut equipment for sale. In doing so, I will research, find and refer the best deals on donut equipment directly to you. In doing so, save you the maximum amount of money possible. Over the past 3 decades, I have actively been opening donut shops and donut franchises for a living.

I was inspired to create (Research service) after experiencing my client’s pain of being extorted to purchase either the wrong recommended equipment and/or insanely priced donut equipment from popular online restaurant equipment sites offering donut equipment for sale.

This website is powered by An authority donut business website established  17 years ago… There you will find advanced yeast and cake donut training courses on DVD, my books and manuals and of course, REAL video testimonials from actual clients, like when I trained 4 people simultaneously to open 4 independent donut businesses (See it for real below).

I provide real video testimonials from clients derived from only when my students have attended a 12-day donut training program to open a donut business

What I Do

I am a real donut business consultant who proudly displays donut shops and donut franchises I opened all backed up by video testimonials from clients I assisted to open donut businesses because I actually walk-the-walk.

I help setup donut shops from start-to-finish by offering turnkey donut business solutions with the goal of saving my clients time and money. Complete information can be found on my primary website

Why I built This Website

I live and breathe the donut business, donuts are all I do…. Each and everyday starts with me assisting my donut business clients with donut equipment research to find my clients the very best deals on the internet. Again, I offer turnkey donut business solutions ranging  from donut business model development, donut line development, assistance with site selection and so much more…

Once the above is determined. Then and only then do I research, find and refer donut equipment to my clients. I started this website because there are popular donut equipment websites out there selling INSANELY priced donut equipment with no regard to your budget.

I also have received numerous complaints from clients who have spent upwards of 30, 50, 80K on donut equipment and they only bought 2 or 3 pieces of equipment.

I pride myself on the fact I can acquire all the equipment needed to stat a donut business for under 30K. Yes, that is correct? Why spend $9500 on a new mixer or donut fryer or proof box when there is quality refurbished robust donut equipment for sale at a fraction of the cost of new.

As an example. If you were to purchase a donut equipment package. I will make phone call to you and discuss your business and the don’t line just to make sure you are acquiring the appropriate equipment’s needed to implement into your new donut business.

I am only a phone call or email away, so fire away.. The donut business is all I do…

I do encourage you review my primary website donuttraining com.

Donut shops I opened
Donut shops I opened
Donut shops I opened

REAL video testimonials like when I trained 4 people simultaneously to open their donut businesses (See it for real below) and so much more.